We warn the cronies of imperialist Punjab that the time for your conspiracies and embarrassing politics is over – Darya Khan


               We warn the cronies of imperialist Punjab that the time for your conspiracies and embarrassing politics is over. We warn land lords, Mullahs and other traitors of Sindh that the time for your hocks’ and crocks is over. If anyone from you even tries to sell or enslave Sindh in front of Punjab Imperialist we will pluck his eyes out and we will deal with his family in such a way that it will be the symbol of fear.

O Traitors of Sindh!

Listen carefully that the sons of Sindh have got up from their sleep and are fully ready to resist any move aimed at harming or dividing sindh. These feudal land lords, Pirs, Mullahs and other traitors have put all chains in the neck of sindh. They have fully participated in all the envisions that were intended to plunder Sindh. They have rubbed their shoulders with all the foreign looters, be they the Arghoons, the Mughals, the Turkhans, the Iranians, the Tataries, the Britishers, or the Punjabis, they are the ones who have shed the blood of loyal sons of the soil such as Raja Daahir, Dodo Soomro, Darya Khan, Makhdoom Bilawal, Shah Inayat, Hoshoo Sheedi, Hemoon Kalani, Rooplo Kolhi, Mumtaz Bhutto, Samiullah Kalhoro, Zulifqar Kolachi, Aejaz Solangi, Murtaza Bhutto, Benazir Bhutto, Sirai Qurban Khuhawar, Muzafar Bhutto, Bashir Khan Qureshi and Nazir Abbasi.

ISI carried out its terrorist activities against sindh and the sons of sindh martyring Sirai Qurban Khuhawar, Muzafar Bhutto, Bashir Khan Qureshi, Rooplo Cholyani, Noorullah Tunio in the government of these traitors. Shaheed Murtaza Bhutto was brutally martyred in their government and all they did was to give safe exit to his murderers. So far so that they got this government over the dead body of Benazir Bhutto. History will keep condemning these traitors perpetually. They have sold out natural resources of Sindh (Oil, Gas and Water) to Punjab imperialist for the power and luxuries of just a few days. These traitors put Sindh in the steps of Punjab under the constitutions of 1973.

Now these illicit sons of Punjab are reacting as if they have forgotten their history. The loyal sons of Sindh will not forgive and forget the traitors who have played with the honour and Dignity of Sindh. They will not be alone but even their families will cry for safe breath. We appeal to every Sindhi to side on us in our Endeavour to make these pimps to taste the consequences they deserve. Punjab is busy in dividing Sindhi-Urdu speakers so that the explosion of ethnic fight takes place. Let us resist and fail the conspiracy of Punjab imperialist against Sindh.


Darya Khan

Chief Commander

Sindhudesh Liberation Amry


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